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Venugopal P.T CEO - Managing Partner

Areas of Expertise

Venugopal is a creative leader who has 25+ years of professional experience, mostly in Management, Accounting, and Auditing. He holds an MBA degree in Finance and is currently working as the Managing Partner of Buchprufer. He has been associated with the Company since 2008.

With the professional expertise he gained from major companies like Sony India (P) Ltd and Playwin Marketing India (P) Ltd under Essar group, in the Managerial & Accounting roles, he is in the front line of the team management of Buchprufer.

He has taken an active role in implementing the internal control systems and Hr-related functions in Buchprufer. Keeping close rapport with business, he always tries hard to maintain a good relationship with all his clients.  He has been very instrumental in making crucial and strategic decisions, which the Company has taken so far, and is actively involved in the ISO 9001 & ISMS 27001 certification process.

He is very enthusiastic about taking on challenges and always motivates his employees to enhance the quality of the service they deliver to the clients. His ultimate aim is to bring the company to the top in the changed global business scenario.


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