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Sabin TV Lead Associate

Areas of Expertise

Sabin TV is an accomplished Lead Associate with over 7 years of experience who has successfully handled clients across diverse sectors such as real estate, trading, and manufacturing. With his exceptional attention to detail, Sabin is responsible for obtaining and reviewing audit evidence, ensuring audit conclusions are well documented, reviewing working papers of auditors, and preparing annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS’s.

Sabin is a graduate in commerce from Madras University and is currently pursuing his final papers for the prestigious ACCA certification. He holds a Diploma in international accounting issued by the STED council and a Diploma in Accounting and Business issued by ACCA. Sabin’s expertise in CaseWare International Working Papers (Auditing Documentation Software, HQ – Canada), ability to remain focused under pressure, good communication skills, and the capacity to form strong working relationships with colleagues makes him an integral part of the organization. His exceptional skills and knowledge make him a valuable asset to the team, and his dedication towards achieving success in every project is commendable.


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