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Sage X3, with its extensive features and adaptability, is the enterprise resource planning solution your business needs to stand out. Sage X3 is robust yet easy to use, with full capability, out-of-the-box simplicity, and a user-friendly experience. Buchprufer has been a Sage ERP-CRM software vendor in Kerala for over a decade and has grown into a knowledge powerhouse. It now offers you its X3 consulting services, which truly have a “targeted approach and excellent performance.” 

Buchprufer has made a name for itself in the realm of Sage X3 consulting, having overseen multiple successful implementations. SAGE X3 certified consultants make up our Sage X3 team. We offer you the unique option of hiring our team to support you completely or as part of your X3 implementation as part of our offers. 

Areas of expertise in Sage X3 Consulting

Sage X3 Business Cloud Accounting can help your company grow

With Sage Business Cloud X3, you can manage every aspect of your business, from sales to supply chain management

Production Module

Sage X3 can handle the planning, scheduling, and control of processes or continuous manufacturing. This module works in tandem with the Sales CRM, Purchasing Inventory, and Finance Components modules. It can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including:

Sales and Purchase Module

It aids your sales CRM’s purchasing and inventory control components. It has capabilities that help with quality control, batch control, tracking expiration, and flexible packing units.

Inventory Module

Inventory management is a feature of distribution software that supports your company’s sales, purchasing, and inventory control operations. Acquisition price tracking, inventory control, multi-stage warehousing and site management, movements, and transactions are all included in the Sage X3 Inventory Control Module.

CRM Software Module

The CRM module, which is fully integrated with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing, enables you to gain a comprehensive view of a client from both marketing and administrative perspectives within a single system and database.

CRM Software Module

The program provides comprehensive personal financial cost and budget accounting commitments, as well as fixed asset management. It is capable of managing information and reporting across the country as well as between subsidiaries and parent corporations. It combines centralized and decentralized corporate management. It manages multiple currencies and incorporates a wide range of laws, accounting norms, and standards.

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Features of Sage X3

The Advantages of Sagex3

Sage X3 (previously Sage Enterprise Management) can help you improve the processes in your business. We may assist you in optimizing your financial, distribution, or manufacturing operations; assisting with a new or expanding activity; increasing company management and decision-making; or simply saving operational expenses. 

Modernize your company

Sage X3 integrates all your data and business processes into a single database system. Because all users have access to the same reference system and application interface, the learning curve is reduced. After entering data into the system, it is distributed in real-time throughout your organization.

Enhance Business Perception

You can get in-depth insights on demand & make smarter decisions faster with integrated, real-time business information. Get the most out of your company data with the least amount of effort. Because of the improved connectivity with Microsoft Office, users can now export & manipulate data in the Office standard format.


The extensive but user-friendly parameterization in Sage X3 enables you to define any business event or condition to trigger workflow messaging. The program includes a powerful workflow engine that allows you to guide information exchanges both inside and outside your company based on your company's unique e-practices and processes.

Increase Collaboration

Sage X3's best-in-class communicative architecture puts you in command. Choose how you'll communicate with partners, clients, suppliers, remote workers, and off-site sites. It provides the highest level of security, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

Expand your Business

Sage X3 is a scalable and adaptable ERP system that is quick to respond to change. All of the features are built into the system; simply turn them on when you need them. You can change your mind about the platform you choose now (Windows, Unix, or Linux).

Reduced Spending

The concept of "responsibility "refers to the act of determining whether a person is accountable for his or her actions. You can reduce operating and maintenance costs by using fully integrated, adaptable applications. The robust, user-friendly architecture of Sage X3 ensures consistent, dependable day-to-day operations.


Sage X3 is a full-service application software solution designed to manage even the most complex corporate activities. Using fully integrated, adaptive apps can help you save money on operating and maintenance costs. The Sage X3's sturdy, user-friendly design ensures dependable, consistent day-to-day operations.

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SAGE X3 Consultancy Services

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