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Online/Cloud Accounting Services

Online/Cloud accounting is a system where financial data and processes get managed online, eliminating the need for on-premises software. It allows businesses to access real-time financial information, collaborate with accountants remotely, and streamline bookkeeping tasks. Cloud accounting offers flexibility, scalability, and enhanced data security, revolutionizing modern financial management.

Buchprufer, the prominent accounting and audit firm, utilizes accounting software to optimize your business accounts. Our proficient team excels in cloud accounting, ensuring smooth operations and efficient financial management for your organization.

Optimize Your Business with Online/Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting, commonly referred to as online accounting, provides equivalent functionalities and capabilities as traditional desktop accounting software, but it relocates the entire process to the cloud and enhances it.

Instead of relying on a desktop application, users access a constantly updated online solution where all data gets securely stored on a cloud server. Additionally, most cloud platforms provide an open API, allowing third-party software to integrate with your system and deliver additional benefits for you as a business owner.

When is it appropriate for your company to utilize Cloud Accounting?

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Cloud Accounting brings Advantages to your business

Convenient access to your accounts

Cloud accounting provides round-the-clock access to your crucial business figures, allowing you to retrieve them from any location with internet connectivity. It eliminates the need to confine your work to a single office computer.

Real-time information availability

By maintaining up-to-date bookkeeping and bank reconciliation, cloud accounting enables real-time reporting. Rather than relying on historical reports that could be days, weeks, or even months old, you gain instant insights into your company's current financial position.

Access to the app ecosystem

With open APIs, cloud accounting allows you to integrate various third-party applications and tools to enhance your core business system. You have a diverse range of practical options available, spanning from cash flow forecasting applications and online invoicing tools to industry-specific project management solutions. 

Live bank feeds

Enabling seamless integration between your banking activities and accounting processes. Instead of manually entering each line from your bank statement or uploading a CSV file downloaded from your online banking portal, a live feed automatically imports your bank data into your accounts. It speeds up bank reconciliation.

Always up-to-date Software Version

By accessing your accounting platform in the cloud, you are always utilizing the latest software version. There's no need to go through time-consuming and costly updates; you log in and start working. Additionally, you are relieved of the responsibility of applying security fixes, as your software provider handles that automatically.

Secure Data Sharing

Cloud accounting software enables easy and secure sharing of your accounts with your accountant, bank, or other advisors. You can grant them access without resorting to USB memory sticks or exchanging emails. Your advisors gain safe and real-time access to all your financial information, ensuring faster and more secure collaboration.

Seamless online payment integration

You enable customers to make automatic payments by connecting payment apps like GoCardless to your online accounting system and invoices. It accelerates payment processing times and reduces the administrative burden on you and your staff.

Let us Explore Top Cloud Accounting Software Solutions

The most suitable cloud accounting software for your business depends on factors such as your company’s size, accounting needs, and desired app ecosystem. Buchprufer Consultants can provide you with the best accounting solution with the right software.


Ideal for small businesses seeking a straightforward accounting solution with comprehensive reporting options as the business expands. Xero also boasts a vast global app ecosystem.

QuickBooks Online

Specifically designed for small businesses, this platform offers all the accounting features of the classic QuickBooks desktop version, along with a fantastic app store.

Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud

These options combine the convenience of cloud technology with the robustness of desktop accounting software, catering to the needs of businesses.

Kash Flow

Suitable for small businesses looking for a simple and efficient platform that fulfils their accounting requirements. While it offers all the essentials, it provides fewer options for integrating third-party apps.

Zoho Books

Unlike many other cloud accounting providers, Zoho offers a range of business software that can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Books. Additionally, it supports connections with some third-party software.

Clear Books

Excellent for small businesses, Clear Books even has a free option called Micro, which is ideal for new or very small enterprises.

Quick File

Similar to ClearBooks, QuickFile also provides a free option for businesses below a certain size.


Exact provides a variety of financial software options that go beyond basic accounting features, catering to both small businesses and larger enterprises. It also features an app store for further enhancements.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Scalable accounting solutions that are particularly suitable for larger businesses. It provides the same comprehensive business functionality found in their desktop version but with the added advantages of cloud technology.


FreshBooks is an accounting software specifically crafted for small businesses and freelancers, operating through the cloud. It presents a comprehensive set of capabilities such as invoicing, time tracking, expense management, and generating financial reports. FreshBooks allows online payment collection and integrates with popular payment gateways.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is a free cloud-based accounting platform that caters to small businesses and self-employed individuals. Included in its offerings are features such as invoicing, the ability to track expenses, and basic financial reporting functionalities. Wave Accounting supports online payment processing as well.

Online/Cloud Accounting Services

Take your accounting to new heights with our cloud-based solutions.  

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