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Data Analysis Services and Dashboards 

Data analysis is essential across many industries, as many business leaders use data to make informed decisions on time. Companies that use data to drive business strategies find that they are more confident, initiative-taking, and financially savvy and far ahead of their competitors who don’t understand the value of the data they are holding it.

Buchprufer has a team of data scientists and engineers who work with data analysis. We can help our clients to explore the core four areas of the data analysis process, such as identifying (the question), collecting (raw data), cleaning (data), analyzing (data), and interpreting (the results).

Buchprufer offers two types of services related to data analytics to its clients.

Data analysis and Visualization for Corporate customers 

By using data analysis services, organisations can gather, analyse, and display their data in the form of useful insights without having to invest in the creation and management of an analytics platform, including the investment in human resources.  

Our experts can analyze each entity to understand the data streams readily available or extract without much technical investment and present the results to the decision-makers after cleaning up and analyzing. So, the decision-makers can make decisions by seeing the results simultaneously, including the outliers.  

We offer this service as a one-time, periodical or real-time service as per the Client’s requirements. Usually, the data is broadcasted with different business intelligence tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx etc ..

We can help the clients to do visualization: 

Strategic BI Dashboards

Strategic BI dashboards are used to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for long-term planning. These dashboards display high-level metrics that aid in decision-making.

Operational BI Dashboards

These dashboard are designed to provide real-time data metrics and KPIs, making them ideal for daily decision-making. Usually, these dashboards are used to track progress and pinpoint areas that need betterment.

Analytical BI Dashboards

Analytical BI dashboards collect and consolidate large volumes of data for experts to analyze and identify underlying trends. These dashboards allow data analysts and other specialists to delve deeper into the data to gain insights that can inform strategic decision-making.

Tactical BI Dashboards

Tactical BI dashboards are mostly used by mid-management to track a blend of operational and strategic metrics. 

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Data Analysis and sampling for Auditors 

Data analysis is used to examine extensive data to arrive at conclusions for audit purposes. Auditors have been using data analytics tools to systematically go through the audit data to identify crucial events and transactions. Buchprufer uses Alteryx, Diligent ACL (Audit Command Language) as tools to aid audit requirements, like;  

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Data Analysis Services and Dashboards 

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