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Buchprufer works with businesses to ensure that they always have a contingency plan in place. If your system or data fails, you must be prepared to deal with it and move on. Failure to put in place an effective plan will cost you both time and money. We can help you by working with you to develop a solid business continuity plan that will help your company or organization recover quickly and get back on track. We will ensure that your business can continue to operate in the event of data loss or a security breach by providing the services we offer. We offer a high-quality business continuity plan.

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Our procedure for Business Continuity Planning

Risk Evaluation

Risk and exposure assessments for your organization, as well as the most likely avenues of potential threats

Impact Assessment

We investigate how this information will impact critical business processes, workflows, and dependencies.

Plan Creation

We compile the information gathered and work with KDIs to create an actionable plan that addresses your potential pain points.

Draft Recovery Strategy

We develop a first draft of the plan, put it into action, and confirm that it is feasible.

Metrics and Testing

The preliminary plan is put to the test, a gap analysis is made, and a review is given. It is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is current and relevant to the company.

Proactive IT support and managed IT services save you time and money

We provide comprehensive managed IT support and security services, such as proactive monitoring and maintenance, cybersecurity accreditation, training, and strategic IT planning.

Our outsourced IT support saves your company money by providing a hands-on team of experts to support your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff to do so. It also saves you time, allowing you to focus on your core business while reducing the headaches associated with IT system management.

Our approach to IT support begins with a thorough review of your requirements to ensure that your system meets your requirements in all key areas.

We will make recommendations on how to develop a new and reliable IT structure to best suit your needs or enhance an existing structure to ensure it is fully aligned with your strategic goals and objectives after working closely together to gain an in-depth understanding of a client’s business.

Every crisis calls for a unique business continuity plan, but the effectiveness of data backups is the key to maintaining business operations. Failure is guaranteed if only one backup set is kept on-premises. Businesses should instead have several backups, ideally one that is kept locally, one that is kept externally, and one that is kept on the cloud. on this manner, you would have backup copies on the cloud in case your onsite backups fail. Top-tier cloud service providers take extensive measures to ensure that your data will survive any disaster.

Data backups are so essential to maintaining business operations that we urge you to test both them and your recovery processes frequently. Since your company might never recover if your backup measures fail on the day, you need them.

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Business Continuity Planning - Consulting

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