Remote IT Audit & Assessment Support

Remote IT Audit & Assessment Support

by Aswani

Remote IT Audit Assessment Support Service in UAE

The information technology sector is rapidly evolving each day, it is important for any company to be in sync with the latest changes and updates. IT Audit services in UAE are no different, as new trends are emerging thanks to the pandemic, there has been a lot of innovative approaches towards the same. We at Buchprufer Consultants has IT Audit & Assessment experts who can support you in efficiently and successfully fighting risks and threats thereby keeping your data safe. For the last few months, thanks to the world scenario, we have been seeing a change as more clients are demanding remote and online approaches for executing IT Audit & Assessment Services in UAE.

IT audits can be both about how a company should function internally and about how secure they are from external attacks as well as meeting local and international regulatory compliances. From talking with your team members to formulating risk strategy to suggesting countermeasures, our certified IT Auditors can help you operate your business at an optimum level and more importantly with peace of mind. Be it any industry or sector, our team can understand whichever is the best for your organization and through their vase knowledge, help you meet any compliances laid out by their industry or government. All these through complete non-touch remote online support!

Planning a Proper Remote IT Audit Service in UAE

Remote auditing requires exact planning, fool-proof preparation and perfect coordination with a client, as objective evidence and audit expectations are defined properly in the pre-audit phase. Only a team with certified and experienced IT auditors in UAE can map the requirement, do proper pre-audit planning, define the audit cycle considerations, coordinate with the customer team members, do the documentation, and chalk out the certification scope. Process owners and key personnel available are decided and full and accurate process reviews are conducted.

Benefits of a Remote IT Audit Support Service 

One of the major advantages of remote IT Audit support Service is that it reduces a lot of repeated expenses bared by the clients, for eg. the auditor travel expenses. With highly certified consultants who can help you in certifications and meeting industry compliances, we can help you to adhere to more than 200 different standards and also customize organization-specific requirements.

Here are a few of the benefits associated with Remote IT Audit & Assessment services & support

Eliminating Geographical Boundaries: It is extremely difficult these days to travel from one country to another as travel restrictions are imposed, our remote service means that our auditors would be able to attend to you solution from anywhere, anytime. Even if your country or region has safety risks, it doesn’t matter for managing everything remotely.

Remove Wait Times: Our accurate real-time assessments online can help you fix an issue easily and swiftly, instead of waiting for a long time for the assessor report. Since this Is a staged process, there is a more focus on efficiency and achieve a higher flexibility in planning. Any delays happening due to the collection of data and subsequent analysis can be minimized greatly through remote support.

Handling Multi-Site Operations: One of the major disadvantages for companies with multiple branches in conventional auditing is that the auditors should spend a lot of their time physically present in each branch. But with remote support, we can help you audit multiple site operations at the same time.

Secure Audit Trail: Online audit process is properly authorized controlled and documented. There is a proper audit trail for ant processes and the sensitive information are classified properly and made accessible to all approved parties.

Here is the list of Remote IT Audit & Assessment Services we undertake

  •  Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Security
  • ISO 27001 Compliance Services
  • ADHICS & NABIDH Compliances
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • NESA, ADGM, GDPR Compliances
  • ISO/IEC 20000:2018, ISO 22301, ISO 31000, ISO 14001

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I avail remote support for your solutions?

    Our information technology infrastructure library standards are a set of proven methodologies with a process-based approach. Be it ERP Consultancy, IT Audit Assessment Services, or IT Consulting Service, we always stress service quality and how we can provide non-touch support efficiently and effectively. Thanks to the ever increase in internet speeds and communication networks, our support team can help resolve any technical issues via telephone or email.

  2. Why SAP B1 is a preferred ERP product for SMEs?

    Thanks to SAP B1, you will be able to receive powerful reporting and analytics tools by integrating across sales, operations, financials, inventory, etc. Through this, the management can get valuable insights into your most challenging areas this allowing and directing your employees to make better business decisions. The SAP B1 mobile app will provide you with much-needed mobility for your business, by receiving all business information at your fingertip. We have solutions suited for your business, be it on-premises solutions or the cloud-based one.

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