by Aswani
  1. What is RPA or Robotic Process Automation?

    Automating high volume and repetitive human tasks driven by a rule-based program using a combination of AI & ML algorithms is called RPA or Robotic Process Automation. RPA is adopted by many industries successfully world-wide. Especially in finance & accounting, manufacturing processes etc., manual, and repetitive steps can be automated thereby freeing up your staff’s time for high-value tasks

  2. How can RPA help in digital transformation and thereby making your office paperless?

    Hundreds of physical papers might be used in your office every day. These papers may be handled by numerous departments in your organization be it finance, accounting, customer service or HR. With the help of RPA & OCR solutions, all rule-based repetitive document processing processes can be automated helping your organization achieve a paperless office status.

  3. How can I get remote guidance in restructuring my organizational workflow?

    Our expert IT Consultants can perform a pre-assessment in your organization through evaluating workflows and other processes, helps identify gaps and recommend any change required in company process, policies, redundancies, and any possible risks that is going to be crucial restructuring of your organization.

  4. How do I review and upgrade my existing IT infrastructure?

    The highly qualified and experienced professionals in our IT auditing and the ethical hacking team will analyze your organization’s current IT infrastructure. Using the latest technology tools and systems, recommendations will be made to your organization for upgrading your IT infrastructure.

  5. How can VAPT help in safeguarding our systems?

    We have certified IT Auditors who can conduct a Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration test (VAPT) exclusively for your organization. Through VAPT, you will have a clear-cut idea on the potential threats and cyber-attacks that could impact your business. The firewall and server vulnerabilities can be proactively identified, and your staff can be subsequently trained to meet these attacks ensuring end-to end protection of your systems.

  6. What are the benefits of a proper Business Continuity Management Plan?

    • Enables employees to have a workplace after a disaster.
    • Gives employees confidence that the business will recover from disaster.
    • Reduces the risk of financial loss.
    • Gives customers, stakeholders, and regulators confidence in the organization’s services.
    • Enables the recovery of critical systems within an agreed timeframe.
    • Meets legal, regulatory, and statutory obligations
  7. How can we conduct a proper IT Audit & Assessment in my company?

    Our certified IT Audit consultants can help in Ensuring data / Information integrity & Classification, Preventing/detecting unauthorized Changes, Reducing the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage, Evaluating the capability of the firm to safeguard its information assets & understanding the key technology risks of the organization.

  8. How do we select the perfect ERP for our business?

    Our team help you chose the right solution that will perfectly fit your business processes and that too meeting all your functional requirements and within your estimated budget. Not all modules and add-ons would be needed for your company especially if you belong to SME category. Our team will conduct an initial system study, understand your requirement in detail, do a software comparison and help you finalize the best possible software and its modules that will suit you.

  9. How can I avail remote support for your solutions?

    Our information technology infrastructure library standards are a set of proven methodologies with a process-based approach. Be it ERP Consultancy, IT Audit Assessment Services, or IT Consulting Service, we always stress service quality and how we can provide non-touch support efficiently and effectively. Thanks to the ever increase in internet speeds and communication networks, our support team can help resolve any technical issues via telephone or email.

  10. Why SAP B1 is a preferred ERP product for SMEs?

    Thanks to SAP B1, you will be able to receive powerful reporting and analytics tools by integrating across sales, operations, financials, inventory, etc. Through this, the management can get valuable insights into your most challenging areas this allowing and directing your employees to make better business decisions. The SAP B1 mobile app will provide you with much-needed mobility for your business, by receiving all business information at your fingertip. We have solutions suited for your business, be it on-premises solutions or the cloud-based one.

  11. How can I migrate data from my legacy ERP system to the cloud?

    If you have a legacy ERP system with decades old data, we can help you migrate the data to a cutting-edge ERP system with enterprise level security and infrastructure. We can help you chose the most suitable cloud hosting service and help you clean up and structure your data, prepare backups and test the performance of the migrated solution.