HR Admin Services

HR Admin Services

by Aswani

HR Admin services are as important as payroll processing, which are both an integral part of any company. Whether you are a start-up venture or a multinational, efficient payroll processing system is the need for every organization. Payroll processing is one of the prime functions that comes under the HR Admin services. Buchprufer being one of the best Payroll Outsourcing Companies in India, can help you with all the necessary payroll and HR Admin requirements.

Our HR Admin services include:

  • Preparation of HR policy manuals/procedures
  • Recruitment
  • Employee document management

We can offer our services directly to the employees of your organization or can be of assistance to the HR/Administrative department. Our team of professionally qualified and experienced personnel also provides services to reorganize the payroll and administration processes, optimizing workflow and setting up a management information system & reporting.

We take pride in offering Payroll Outsourcing services, beginning with:

  • Managing attendance and leave records, calculation of leave salary & other employee benefits, overtime, etc.
  • Generate monthly salary reports
  • Prepare final settlement of employees
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Preparing salary MIS reports

All that you need to ease the pain of carrying-out and to maintain a proper payroll and HR system will be provided through our service.

If your employees have any queries related to their salaries, reimbursement, or taxes they can get in touch with us. We ensure the compliance with local statutory requirements, accurate processing of salary, on time payroll reporting & pay-slip distribution, as well as data security.

Our processes are mostly automated to reduce the possibilities of human errors and execute multi-level internal checks to facilitate accurate processing. We ensure the compliance with applicable rules and taxation regulations applicable to the country of operation.