Company Overview

Company Overview

by Aswani

Buchprufer consultants LLP, one of the leading Audit OutsourcingOnline Accounting Service providers and Business consultancy firms, was established in 2007. We have been serving for the past one decade offering offshore services for many leading global companies. Our team comprises of around 100 well-qualified experts who provide top-notch, highly professional services in auditing, accounting, payroll, taxation, IT& HR solutions.

Our head office is located at UL Cyber Park, Calicut, India. Our network of clients is vastly expanding and building everlasting bonds of trust and satisfaction.

Buchprufer’s expert guidance

Buchprufer can offer you customized audit outsourcing solutions with exclusive benefits and advantages that can steer you to immediate success. Re-defining work processes is the distinct advantage you get from us. With extensive experience in auditing & accounting industry, we have been offering the best audit outsourcing, online accounting, payroll and taxation services to our clients worldwide.

Our team of professionals always provides unmatched services to leverage technology and manage resources efficiently through high-quality standards of services.

Matching your need is our first goal

Buchprufer offers tailor-made outsourcing solutions for the specific needs of each customer, ranging from repetitive time-consuming tasks to complex one off assignments. We provide dedicated teams who exclusively work for specific customers and team managers ensure the quality and timely delivery of the services.

Our specialists utilize their proficiency and understanding to provide reliable support services. Our team consists of professionally qualified and well experienced employees who can cater for all your business support requirements.

Benefits of Audit/Accounts Outsourcing

By using buchprufer as your full-service audit outsourcing provider, you will garner the following benefits:

  • Dedicated team who will exclusively work for you ensuring regular and continuous communication with your team.
  • Quality & timely delivery of assignments with qualified and experienced professionals working on your side.
  • Very competitive rates, allowing for more flexibility of costs and budgets.
  • Elimination of time and costs associated with hiring and training skilled personnel to effectively handle audit function.