Month: November 2017

Buchprufer Consultants LLP Inauguration

by Aswani Aswani No Comments

On May 17, 2017, the Buchprufer Consultants’ office at the ULC Cyber Park, Kozhikode was formally inaugurated by the most admirable, Mr. Hisham Ali Mohammad Taher, Chairman and Sponsor of HLB HAMT Chartered Accountants, Dubai. The prestigious inauguration took place at the new UL Cyber Park which is situated in Calicut, India.

Many important delegates were present during the event. The respected guests of honor included Mr. Hisham Ali Mohmad Taher, Mr. Abdul Rehman Al Zarooni, and the honorable Directors of Buchprufer, Mr. John Varghese, Mr. Vijay Anand the CEO, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mr. Jayakrishnan and Mr. Sumesh Kunnath.

To end the significant formal inauguration of our new office, the Vote of Thanks was offered by Mr. Venugopal PT, Director of Buchprufer.